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Database - Alliance francophone pour l'accouchement respecté (AFAR)
Created on : 31/03/2005
Modified on : 2/12/2007

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Author(s) :

Rossi MA, Lindell SG.

Bibliographical entry (without author) :

Maternal positions and pushing techniques in a nonprescriptive environment.
J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. 1986 May-Jun;15(3):203-8.

Year of publication :


Résumé (français) :

Abstract (English):

An observational study was done on the positions and breathing techniques women will choose for second-stage labor when they are given the freedom and support to choose. In the 50 second stages and births observed, nine different positions were used in conjunction with three variations of expulsive breathing techniques. No adverse outcomes resulted from the nonprescriptive approach to birthing women. All outcome parameters were found to be within the range of normal. These findings support the acceptability of allowing women to respond to their birthing impulses. Further study is recommended to verify the safety of a nondirective approach to birth.

Sumário (português):


Comments :

Argument (français) :

Laisser les femmes libres de décider leur position d'accouchement et leur respiration n'est pas risqué.

Argument (English):

Argumento (português):

Keywords :

attendance ; active management of labor ; position during labor ; physiology ; duration of labour

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Cécile_Loup — 31/03/2005

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