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Created on : 1/02/2006
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Risk factors for uterine rupture during a TOL after CS.. ClinOG, 44, p.609

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Review, MEDLINE search of risk factors for uterine rupture
Type of scar low transverse has risk of rupture of 1%, low vertical of 1.1% and classical of 12%.
Number of previous CS: wide variety of findings, because there are substantial data suggesting that even 2 CS may be associated with a substantial increased risk of rupture.
Previous vaginal deliveries data somewhat inconsistent.
Interdelivery interval: short interdelivery interval was associated with a 3-fold increase in uterine rupture. Postpartum fever after CS: associated with a 3 fold increased risk of rupture
Maternal age: > 30 years old associated with a 2.7 fold increased risk of rupture.
Macrosomia: not associated with a large risk of uterine rupture.
Postdates: no sig. Increase.
Breech and external cephalic version: data not definitive but not likely to be associated with an extremely high rate of uterine rupture.
Induction/Augmentation of Labor: Data from the largest studies suggest that ocytocin is associated with an increased risk of rupture. Recent studies have raised concerns that misoprostol may be associated with an unacceptably high risk of uterine rupture.

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Fiche importée de http://www.worldserver.com/turk/birthing/rrvbac2000-4.html avec l’aide de Ken Turkowski, septembre 2005

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vaginal birth after caesarean ; maternal age ; induction of labor ; post-term pregnancy

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Ken Turkowski

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