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Created on : 26/02/2004
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Author(s) :

Lowe NK, Zimmerman B, Hansen W.

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Bibliographical entry (without author) :

Prospective randomized controlled trial of fetal fibronectin on preterm labor management in a tertiary care center.
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2004;190(2):358-362.

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Abstract (English):

OBJECTIVE : The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the rapid fetal fibronectin on the length of hospital stay and the use of preterm labor interventions in a tertiary care center.

STUDY DESIGN : Women who were seen in the Labor and Delivery Unit with symptoms of preterm labor were assigned randomly to receive fetal fibronectin (n = 46 women) or to preterm labor management without fetal fibronectin (n = 51 women). Physicians were not blinded to the result; groups were compared.

RESULTS : There was no difference between groups in demographic or obstetric characteristics, the hours spent in labor and delivery, the number of women who were admitted to the antepartum service, the length of stay, or medical interventions. When the results for women with a negative fetal fibronectin test were compared to women with a positive fetal fibronectin test, a significant difference was found in admissions to the antepartum service (P = .032) and the length of stay (P = .008).

CONCLUSIONS :A negative fetal fibronectin test was associated with fewer admissions to the antepartum ward and a shorter length of stay.

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Keywords :

premature baby ; active management of labor ; duration of labour

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C. Loup

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