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Created on : 12/11/2004
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Author(s) :

Pector EA.

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How Bereaved Multiple-Birth Parents Cope with Hospitalization, Homecoming, Disposition for Deceased, and Attachment to Survivors.
Journal of Perinatology (2004) 24, 714-722.

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Abstract (English):

OBJECTIVE: To elicit bereaved multiple-birth parents' perceptions regarding support, disposition decisions, attachment to surviving multiples, discharge, and later coping.

STUDY DESIGN: Narrative email survey of 70 bereaved parents with quantitative and qualitative analysis.

RESULTS: Bereaved parents of multiples find neonatal hospitalization stressful. Not all caregivers acknowledged loss, although most parents would welcome brief loss discussions during survivors' hospitalization. Half of respondents felt social workers could help coordinate support or mental health care. Most participants recalled hospital support for loss, but only 43% recalled support for neonatal hospitalization. Respondents praised peer support and written materials. Parents felt ambivalent about disposition for deceased babies while comultiples were ill; most made prompt arrangements. Attachment to survivors was difficult for half. Breastfeeding and discharge planning were important, and 31% had difficulty coping at home.

CONCLUSIONS: Caregivers must communicate better with bereaved multiple-birth parents, whose desires for support, loss discussions, disposition, and discharge vary considerably.

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Keywords :

low birth weight ; multiple pregnancy ; premature baby ; psychology

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C. Loup

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